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#5: Sexy Sacred Sensual You with Michelle Alva

Michelle-Alva-podcast-1-300x300Prepare to explore true sexiness, awaken your inner healer, clear out trauma and reconnect with your authentic self in this power hour on inviting Aphrodite energy – the alchemy of self-love and soul nourishment – on The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast!

Join soul connector, holistic physical therapist and intuitive healer, Michelle Alva as she unites modern movement science with ancient wisdom to create easy, effective and FUN ways to feel fulfilled, empowered and connected to our body-mind-soul!

Here are some tasty bits, complete with references to juicy mangos, from our delicious conversation:

“Michelle, what makes a person sexy?”

“Sexiness is confidence that you are enough. You are special and worth it and valuable, and it’s truly a feeling. There’s this Michelle-Alva-1-280x300charge that comes before the actual sexiness on the outside. Women ofall sizes and shapes exude sexiness. It’s about loving who you are and not defining yourself by what you look like.

A woman who feels connected to her beauty, her grace, because we are creative beings, sexual beings, we line up immediately with all those parts when we really embrace who are. Sexy is just a byproduct of all that.

You can look for it outside yourself, but you’ll never find it. It always comes from within and it’s really about experiencing the wholeness of your human being, when we’re in harmony and balance with the present moment. You can’t be stuck in the past and feel sexy. It’s the aliveness that flows through you, that creative energy, and it’s always in the present moment.

That’s why these mindfulness techniques I teach are really wonderful to support blossoming our sexiness, the sensual that we are because it can only be felt when we are fully present.  I love sharing with women how to access this. My life has changed drastically from a life where I felt tension in my body 24/7, and low libido, and just like frozen food. I literally lived like frozen food.

Now I feel I’m a ripe, juicy mango. This is how I’m living my life, where it really is magical. Opportunities come from out of nowhere, and things fall into place. That motivates me more than ever to get my little butt in gear and start to create these programs that are a lot of work, but I want to reach millions of women out there on the planet. I don’t want to keep this all to myself. If I had done this 30-day program ten years ago it could have changed my life. Who knows what it would have done, but I know it’s perfect and all the suffering I’ve had to go through has made me appreciate, more than ever, my life today at age 42. I feel younger than ten years ago when we were talking. I feel more alive.”

Mango isolated on white background
Mango isolated on white background

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I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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