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#3: The Magic of SanctuWhereWe and Creativity with Amy Jones

amy-jones-podcast-300x250Experience the magic of finding creative solutions to achieve major life goals AND treat yourself with respect and compassion at the same time with alchemist Amy Jones!

Amy shares the secrets of her success and TWO brilliant websites on Episode 3 of The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast.

Learn the secrets of tickling your inner child while visually tracking your progress toward goals on

I discovered Amy when I came across a June FaceBook post titled How I Paid off more than $26,000 in debt by coloring this in and knew I needed to find out moreMap-Your-Progress-Pay-off-debt-300x150.

Amy’s system makes it enjoyable to map your progress by coloring in parts of an image each time you take practical steps. I’ve implemented this in my own life with great success and want to shout out this resource! Hop on over and sign up for free monthly downloads to help you accomplish your dreams.

Equally besanctuwherewe-300x300autiful is Amy’s gift to the world,, an online safe haven where people can safely and anonymously share things that are tough to talk about.

At, we are ALL “Lovely Humans,” and our truth is always welcome. It is devoted to two purposes:

First, to give humans a safe place to go with their truth – you can stay anonymous by leaving out your name, contact details or any other specifics that would reveal your identity when you share.

Second, to remind humans that whatever we’re feeling, we’re not alone!
Give yourself the gift of SanctuWhereWe and safely share anything your heart can use some support with. You’ll be in EXCELLENT company!

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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