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#2: Learn The Surprising Secrets Of Growing More Beautiful

Jennifer-Robin-Pro-Pic-200x300Learn the surprising secrets of growing more beautiful and embracing your inner Goddess with alchemist Jennifer Robin on The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast!

Jennifer is the author of a gorgeous award-winning book, Growing More Beautiful: An Artful Approach to Personal Style.  Her earlier writing, Clothe Your Spirit: Dressing for Self Expression, launched a twenty-five year career as an image consultant, makeup artist and fashion stylist.

Recognized for her innovative use of color and design, she is also a gifted visual artist and exhibiting painter. Jennifer combines her consultant’s expertise with her artist’s understanding that an authentic inner life is a deep, rich source of beauty.

Do you know the surprising ways that art, painting and the creative process can enhance your attractiveness?

Get clear on the common misconceptions about fashion and personal style that may be unconsciously sabotaging your self-love.

Learn Jennifer’s favorite tips to help immediately begin improving your health, your relationships and your quality of life!

jennifer-robin-trees-300x219Looking and feeling beautiful is a wonderful alchemical brew of authenticity, pleasure, passion, perseverance and learning to see…I’ve learned that helpful information about color and style not only makes choosing flattering clothes easier, it helps open a pathway to seeing yourself more clearly. The confidence gained from loving and appreciating your unique beauty is the foundation for Growing More Beautiful.” ~Jennifer Robin

Feel gorgeous right away by listening in, and then continue inviting Aphrodite by hopping over to Jennifer’s gorgeous websites at GrowingMoreBeautiful.com, ClotheYourSpirit.com and JenniferRobinFineArt.com. You’ll be glad you did!

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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