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12 Steps To The Sacred Journey Of Your Life

Journey-250x250In celebration of my 100th post (YAY!!!), I invite you into the remarkable adventure of exploring the Hero’s Journey in your life with a hearty dose of alchemy for adventurers.

There is a pattern in all the great stories of the world that are really one story – one monomyth, with different faces.  This is the hero’s story – the sacred journey of your life.

Moms, in light of Mother’s Day, I dedicate this exploration of “J” in our A to Z alchemy series to you and the profound process of new parenthood. 

I offer you two short videos, one easy infographic and one condensed list.  Taking a few minutes with these concepts will help connect you with your inner alchemist to bring clarity, understanding and even peace to strengthen you in your incredible journey. 


Consider these 12 transformational steps, and notice where in your journey you are:

1. We begin in the Ordinary World – where the Hero lives in relative safety, oblivious of the adventures to come.

2. Next there is a Call To Adventure, which disrupts the comfort of the Ordinary World and presents a challenge to be undertaken.

3. Because this feels scary as heck, we typically have a Refusal Of The Call.  After all, the world we know seem more comfortable than the dangerous road ahead.HerosJourney-250x193

4. Fortunately, there is a Meeting Of The Mentor when the Hero desperately needs guidance.  The mentor provides insight, advice, practical training or self-confidence so the Hero can step forward into the quest.

5. Crossing The Threshold comes when the Hero is ready to act upon the call to adventure and embark on the journey.

6. Ahhh, now come the  Tests, Allies, Enemies.  Once the Hero is out of the comfort zone,  increasingly difficult challenges arise that must be overcome.  To aid in the task, the Hero will find allies in addition to enemies who will each, in their own way, help prepare for the greater challenges to come.

7. The Hero makes final preparations before taking a great leap into the unknown in the Approach To The Inmost Cave.

8. Now it’s time for the Ordeal, a deep inner crisis or a dangerous physical test which the Hero must face in order to survive.  This requires the use of all the skills and knowledge gained from life experience.

9. After overcoming this tremendous challenge, the Hero emerges as a stronger person, complete with a Reward (also known as Seizing The Sword).  The Reward can take many forms, from an object of great importance, greater wisdom, knowledge of a powerful secret or reconciliation with an ally.

10. A great trial has been overcome, and the Hero must navigate The Road Back into the Ordinary World.  Often there is a moment before the Hero commits to the last stage of the journey when a choice has to be made between a personal objective and that of a Higher Cause.

11. Just when you think it’s smooth sailing, a final battle occurs.  This represents something greater than the Hero’s own existence.  Once this is conquered, the Hero emerges through Resurrection, reborn.

12. The final stage of the journey is the Return With The Elixir. The Hero returns to the Ordinary World forever changed by the intense learning and growth from the challenges endured, with fresh hope for the future.

“What calls to adventure are you ignoring? Go do your call with nobility and help others with theirs.” ~Benjamin Bidlack

That’s why I’m here as an alchemist.  That’s what YOU’RE here for – now tell me how I can be of service in your amazing journey of adventuring with your inner alchemist!

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

Comments (8)

  • Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

    • I would like to stay in number 1 on this list. 😀

    • I’m tickled you like it! Thanks for having eyes to see 🙂

  • Jayne, my dear, I believe you left number 1 some time ago – but I’m blessed to be one of your allies!

  • Christy! Wow! You’re such a sweet example of a beautiful hero yourself! Thank you for sharing this amazing outlook on battling the hard parts of life! U lifted my soul today and made me feel proud of my self for how I have handled my hard times! Thank you

    • Natalee, I find your journey inspirational. Keep up the courageous work!

  • This is so incredibly interesting. My partner and I both enjoyed figuring out where we are on our journeys. It’s amazing how unique our journeys are from others, but yet so similar. We all walk a path and can relate to eachother in one way or another. Even if we think we can’t. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • I love that you are working with this as a way for you and your partner to better understand yourselves AND each other. Nice work!


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