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Secrets From The Alchemist: 10 Easy Ways To Nourish Your Spirit


Ahhh, one of my favorite things just happened. I’ve been inspired once again by my readers. I outed myself on Inviting Aphrodite about some challenging events and was invited to share what I’m doing for my own self-care while I’m getting through.

My first thought was to start laughing hysterically, because I always feel like there is MORE I can be doing in order to dance my talk, so to speak.  But I settled down and started thinking about the details, realizing there is quite a lot I do to invite the self-love energy of Aphrodite during times that test my spirit.

So I offer you the list of my top ten self care tips for nourishing myself even when there are urgent calls to tend to everyone else instead:

self-care-tips-music-therapy-212x300Self Care Tip 1) Music therapy – which means I’m choosing the music right now whether my family likes it or not.  They can always go to another room and nurture themselves with their music, but right now I’m humming to Ray Charles and Norah Jones singing Here We Go Again.

Self Care Tip 2) Intentional beauty breaks – in which I give myself permission about 8 times a day to take 2 or 3 minutes and let myself gaze with soft eyes at something in my external OR internal environment that I find beautiful, and just be with it.

Self Care Tip 3) Doing fewer things at once – I’m forcing myself to put at least half the things DOWN when I realize I’m carrying 5 different things at once – mentally or physically. Multi-tasking is great when it works, but it also increases the “glitch factor.”

Self Care Tip 4) Increasing touch – I’m approaching people in my environment and giving them extra hugs so I get to sink into the warmth of their touch. Plus I finally scheduled a massage for next week with a gifted masseuse after talking about needing one for the past 6 months.

Self Care Tip 5) Saying no – I’m re-evaluating my capacity to handle an overload of events while staying healthy.  As a result, I’m backing out as gracefully as possible of some commitments that were definitely over the top.

Self Care Tip 6) Asking for help – like writing to my accountability Goddesses on Inviting Aphrodite yesterday to encourage me to follow through with my own self-care.

self-care-tips-dreaming-300x211Self Care Tip 7) Daydreaming + small action steps toward upcoming happy spots – I’m letting myself daydream about happy projects, like my upcoming podcast (SQUEE!!!!) and the cool people I’m lining up to interview….and taking small steps that actually add up when I’m consistent.  This allows my unconscious mind  to feel a sense of satisfaction about being on track with manifesting my heart’s desires.

Self Care Tip 8) Posture awareness – Yes, really.   I’ve been reminding myself to stand in a way that lengthens my spine so I’m not as physically “weighed down” by stressful events. I find I can think more clearly, breathe more fully and literally have a healthier perspective by taking a more regal stance.

Self Care Tip 9) Getting clear on what I really want + seeing what I can give myself in the moment that will better my experience. Often it’s a small thing – a breath of fresh air, a nurturing cup of tea, a snuggle moment with my black kitten – that will help open the door to the feeling I desire.

self-care-tips-tea-party-300x200Self Care Tip 10) Give my inner child permission to play – If I want to wear my flower crown or my jingly coin belt or have a 5 minute tea party with the fairies or any number of tiny favors, I do my best to let it happen. So often it takes less than 10 minutes to bring a smile from the inside out.

So many thanks to you for being a reader here on my blog.  If you’d like to come play in my Inviting Aphrodite: The Alchemy of Self-Love and Nourishment Facebook group, please hop in.  We’ll welcome you with open arms!

And if YOU have top ways to nourish yourself during hectic/stressful days, WOW would I love to hear!

With Love from Your Alchemist,


I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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