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Feeling too busy to have fun?

Pulled in too many directions and feeling soul-tired because of it?

Do you wish someone would show up and take care of you for once?

I get it, Love

I’ve lived this and I’ve discovered a way through the gauntlet.

I know it’s possible to feel alive again so you can connect with the joy, creativity and giftedness that is your birthright!

What if you could take care of your loved ones without feeling drained to empty?

What if you had way more energy for your day to day life?

What if you didn’t feel like you were working so hard every day – and you actually felt beautiful moments of fun and joy?

This can happen for you, and you don’t have to do it alone.

I can help you care deeply and well for the people and projects you love….and have WAY more peace, energy and support than you have now.

Are You a Work From Home Parent? Here’s How to Develop a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Are You a Work From Home Parent? Here’s How to Develop a Healthy Work-Life Balance Maybe, like me, you are a parent who does much of your work from home. If so, you are intimately familiar with the difficulties of managing a family and a career in the same location. The Pew Research Center states […]

World’s Gone Crazy? Here’s the Solution You Need!

Hello Darling, May these words breathe nourishment into your life even though (or maybe especially because) the world looks a bit crazy right now. On a recent day with “all the things” piling on with no sign of stopping, I came upstairs trembling during a short work break. Shaking, really. My insides couldn’t seem to […]

Expand your Enjoyment in Life with Everyday Mindfulness

Giveaway Alert! Ready for something special? I’ve discovered a gem of book for YOU! No matter HOW smart, capable, brilliant, or gorgeous you are (and you ARE more than you can possibly know!), it’s challenging in the BEST of times to incorporate the mindfulness skills we KNOW can improve the quality of our lives. And […]

Blessing your Heart during Difficult Times

Dearheart, May you know you are are part of the solution every time you open your heart to blessed connection with another soul. Even during quarantine, we embody the power to touch each other’s spirits…to remind each other that we are never alone…and to re-member (literally to put back together) hope and wholeness for our world. May you allow […]

How to tell if a relationship is worth your life energy

Want to know if a relationship is worth the energy you’re investing in it? Ask this one question: Do they consistently honor the light in your eyes and the passion in your soul? Because YOU ARE WORTH HONORING, and anyone who doesn’t support that which lights you up from the inside doesn’t deserve much real […]

Are you answering your Soulfire’s call?

Do you remember being LIT UP from the inside out? I see you in my mind’s eye – shining with the sacred flame burning within. I marvel at the ways you keep showing up to tend your people and projects with heart and soulfulness. Yet I know sometimes it feels like TOO DAMN MUCH. Maybe, […]

Your Soulfire Quiz

Hello Gorgeous, this gift is for you! Take this fast, fun and free assessment to discover which of eight specific keys you need to nourish your Soulfire for more energy, beauty, and magic every day. May you find as much pleasure in taking this as I’ve had while creating it!

Alchemy LIVE

Pulled in too many directions and feeling soul-tired because of it? Do you feel like you’re losing your spark? Are you scared that no matter how hard you work, it will never be enough? Worried about becoming a dried-up shell of your former self? Feel “too sensitive” and wonder why you can’t be happy with […]